After the Dust Settled

FalloutIt has been just over a week since the Gutenberg block editor dropped like an atomic bomb on unsuspecting WordPress users, many of whom had never heard of it.

People whose sites broke, were told to install the Classic Editor plugin.

Meanwhile, ClassicPress was trying to get the message out that it doesn’t use Gutenberg and people should migrate across to them as a long-term solution.

It seems like a simple decision. Either you stick with WP and eventually have to use blocks, or you change to CP and continue on as normal.

But as the dust settled, both camps had to deal with unforeseen technical hiccups and angry or confused users. To make matters worse, animosity started to grow both between the two, and within each camp itself. Things have not gotten off to a good start.

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WordPress 5.0 Creates Havoc

Gutenberg EditorWordPress version 5.0 finally arrived very late in the day for people outside the USA. By the next morning it became obvious it was breaking websites.

For some people, especially those who had WP installed by using a one-click installer, it was the first time they had even heard of Gutenberg, and they wondered what on earth had happened to their editor.

Browsing the official “Fixing WordPress” forum, you can see some people cannot edit anything and others can’t even access their site.

And what is the advice offered? Install the Classic Editor plugin. In other words, “It don’t work!”

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