Gutenberg Phase 2 Looming

Unstable Blocks

WordPress is beginning work on the second phase of Gutenberg, which extends the block editing principle to navigation and widgets. This will completely revolutionize how WP functions, giving website owners the ability to reduce their sites to the confused and amateurish styles of the 1990’s GeoCities and FrontPage.

When I created WP Forks, I thought it would be about following new forks as they ventured into new territory. Now I realize that forks are actually about maintaining the stability and sanity of WP as we knew it.

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Morten vs Mullenweg

WordPress Governance

As I spoke about briefly here, at the end of the “State of the Word” speech at WCUS in December, Morten Rand-Hendriksen questioned Matt Mullenweg about who the “We” were that decided to release WP 5.0 and with it, Gutenberg.

If you watched that part of the video carefully, you will see that Morten talked about the future governance of WP. Well he and Rachel Cherry have made their move, and it has not gone down well.

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