calmPress website makeover


The calmPress website has been reworked, with everything now accessible from the home page. Previously, content was on separate sub-domains.

The site now clearly defines the two available versions, the Beta which is backward compatible with WP 4.9 and the Alpha which is a developmental version where Mark is removing bloat and features no longer needed. The description of these can be found under the Roadmap tab.

The Download tab takes you to where you can get the “full” or “upgrade/migration” zip files for the latest release. The files are stored at calmPress and not on GitHub.

Under the Documentation tab you will find:

  • Installation
  • Upgrading
  • Migration
  • Conflicts
  • Security
  • GitHub (code and issues)

Posts are now under the News tab and the lightweight Asgaros forum plugin has been added for users to join. A contact form has also been added.

calmPress is an interesting fork that quietly gets on with producing a quality product, without getting bogged down with unnecessary arguments and discussions. Whether that continues if something users want is removed in the Alpha version, only time will tell.



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