Interview with Scott Bowler and more

In this podcast, the host speaks with Scott Bowler on ClassicPress (near the beginning) and several other developers on the subject of Gutenberg. He also asks a visually impaired person to try editing using Gutenberg.

There was an earlier interview with Scott on the Torque Magazine YouTube channel, but it has been deleted, so this is the first opportunity we have to hear Scott first hand. His spot on the podcast is short, so hopefully we will get a chance to see or hear a more in-depth interview soon.

There are also opinions from the owners of the Elementor and Beaver Buider plugin developers, on how Gutenberg will impact their page builders.

But far more interesting, is when the host invites a visually impaired person to play with Gutenberg. While we can’t see what’s happening, you can hear his computer’s screen reader program battling unsuccessfully as he tries to use the features.

Accessibility, or the ability for handicapped people to use software, is something WordPress is copping a lot of flak about. They seem to have either forgotten about its importance, or deliberately ignored it. As you will hear, that caused one of the Gutenberg team to resign in frustration.

It’s hard enough for someone who can clearly see a monitor to write content. Add in the myriad of options involved with blocks, and you quickly create an environment that handicapped users struggle with or simply can’t use. For these people, the editor needs to be easy to use, such as the current classic TinyMCE one in WordPress 4.9

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  1. Thanks for listening and sharing, folks! I’m glad you enjoyed all the different perspectives 🙂
    I’m sorry we couldn’t fit more of our interview with Scott into the show. I had a really great hour to hour and a half chat with him.

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