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This website has been setup mainly to promote awareness of the ClassicPress fork of WordPress 4.9

Other forks may be discussed, but since the outcry over Gutenberg being introduced into WordPress 5.0 as a core function, rather than a plugin, and the inevitable infiltration into many more core functions, it is important as many people as possible know there is an alternative they can use.

The reason why forks become necessary has been explained on the home page. This post is merely to welcome you to the site and encourage you to bookmark it, so you can check back now and again to see what has been added.

It is also to show you how a site looks when built from scratch using ClassicPress. It behaves no differently to a traditional WordPress site, using the Twenty Seventeen theme.

To minimize any controversy, I have chosen to remain anonymous. For the site to remain objective and a place for free discussion, it is best to keep it that way.

If you do figure out who I am, please keep it to yourself, as it would compromise my ability to interact with both WordPress and ClassicPress.

The very existence of ClassicPress is a thorn in the side for some people and it shouldn’t be. After all, WP itself started out as a fork of someone else’s  CMS.

The founder of ClassicPress, Scott Bowler, thinks WordPress has lost its way and so do I. It is long overdue for a revamp and cleanup, and a new team of developers – who are more in tune with their users than peddling their own agenda. The only way that is going to happen is by forking it.

I have nothing against WordPress, I may still even use it if I think a site of mine needs it. But I’m hoping the CP team can produce a product that is lean and clean, and works with the plugins we use the most.

If you’ve got a sense of humour, you might get a laugh out of this video clip:
(sound is off by default)

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